The inspiration for Variety’s Sunshine Coach Program came in 1962, in Great Britain, when a member of the Charity visited Queen Mary’s Hospital in Surrey. During his visit, he met an 8-year-old girl who was bedridden with an incurable illness. His persistence in finding a way for her to experience fresh air and sunshine spawned the idea of customizing motor coaches to transport handicapped and underprivileged kids.

Since that time, thousands of Variety Sunshine Coaches have served special needs children around the world. We are proud that 226 of those Coaches are from Southern CA.

On August 10, 2012, Variety of Southern California was pleased to present the “Monty and Marilyn Hall” Sunshine Coach to the Jewish Big Brothers Big Sisters of Los Angeles (JBBBS) in honor of their long-time board member Jerry Steinbaum. For over 90 years, JBBBS has enriched the lives of thousands of children throughout the greater Los Angeles area by providing excellence in mentoring and by offering programs like Camp Max Straus and the Witherbee Wilderness Backpacking Program. These programs provide the support and positive experiences that children need to develop self-esteem, self-respect and reach their true potential.

Variety is proud that these deserving kids will be transported to these life enriching experiences in this brand new Variety Sunshine Coach.