Variety SoCal Story

Variety —The Children’s Charity of Southern California (Tent 25) is made up of men and women primarily in the entertainment industry who raise the much-needed funds to help children in the Southern California community.

Our Mission

Variety of Southern California

is dedicated to inspiring hope,

enriching lives and building a better future

for the children of Southern California.

We pride ourselves on being able to act nimbly in order to meet the evolving conditions encompassing our region —addressing each case in a timely, impartial manner. We are a 501(c)3 organization.

Since 1941 Variety of Southern California has raised over $60 million to help the children of Southern California. We are the local chapter of a worldwide network, Variety International —the Children’s Charity,dedicated to providing lifesaving support for disabled, abused, physically-challenged and underprivileged children. Since 1928, Variety has raised over $1.7 billion worldwide to aid our very special kids around the globe.

Our History


Catherine Variety Sheridan was found abandoned at Sheridan Movie Theatre on Christmas Eve.


Variety of Southern California Tent 25 established

Did you know? The money raised in our community stays in our community, and our primary goal is to provide support wherever the need is greatest.


Variety Boys and Girls Club founded.


Sir Winston Churchill receives Variety’s Humanitarian Award.


Walt Disney proclaims Snow White’s Wishing Well to benefit only Variety of Southern


The first three Sunshine Coaches are presented in Southern California.

1 st – Sponsored by Jack Warner, President of Warner Bros. and presented by Rhonda Fleming

2 nd – Sponsored by Abe Schneider, President of Columbia Pictures and presented by Annette Funicello

3 rd – Sponsored and presented by Bette Davis


The legendary Bob Hope receives Variety’s Humanitarian Award.


Frank Sinatra receives Variety’s Humanitarian Award.


Legendary Game Show Host Monty Hall receives Variety’s Humanitarian Award.


The 125th Sunshine Coach is presented to Vista Del Mar Child Care Center.


Southern California initiates studio partnerships and movie-themed Gold Hearts hit movie theatres.

2002 – Mickey Mouse (Disney)
2003 – Shrek (Dreamworks)
2004 – E.T. (Dreamworks)
2005 – Spiderman (Sony)
2006 – Zathura (Sony)
2007 – Eragon (Fox)
2009 – Madagascar (Dreamworks)
2010 – Kermit the Frog (Disney)
2011 – Yogi Bear (Warner Bros.)
2012 – R2D2 C3PO (Lucasfilm)
2013 – Monsters, Inc. (Disney)
2014 – Yoda and Darth Vader (Lucasfilm)
2015 – Minions (Universal)
2016 – Mockingjay (Lionsgate)


Young Variety forms and holds their first mixer in November.


Jr. Variety is founded, evolving from the “Kids Walking for Kids” fundraiser.


Grand opening of Variety Boys and Girls Club new $10.1 million, 28,500-square-foot Boyle Heights’ facility.


The 228th Sunshine Coach presented to the Boys and Girls Club of Hollywood in honor of Bert Livingston.


Variety of Southern California celebrates its 75th anniversary.

Variety SoCal Board

We are a volunteer-driven organization committed to bettering the quality of life for special needs children

At the heart of Variety’s achievements are the remarkable contributions of people in our community.

Variety Family

Variety Family

Variety International

Variety is a global organization which currently encompasses 11 countries, with 44 local chapters. Founded in 1927, Variety has reached more than 45 million children around the world.


Variety North America

Under Variety International are s Regional Boards which pool together the resources of their members (the local chapters in that region) and help to organize cooperation between the chapters. We are a member of the North American Region.


Variety of the United States

Regions are broken down into the various countries which make up that region. Countries which contain more than one local Variety chapter can organize themselves into Associations. We are a member of the Association of Variety Chapters of the United States. In addition to organizing nationwide campaigns and resources, Variety of the United States also provides assistance to children in areas which do not currently have a local Variety Chapter. There are currently 21 local chapters within Variety of the United States.


Local Chapters

Variety of Southern California

Each chapter is able to focus its efforts toward the specific needs and challenges facing their local community. We focus on the needs of children in Southern California. When you donate to Variety of Southern California, your money helps children in our community.

Supported Organizations

Thank You To Our Sponsors & Supporters

Variety of Southern California is fundraiser & donor-driven and relies on the generosity of supporters and sponsors to carry out its mission.

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Variety of Southern California is a 501(c)3 organization. We are committed to creating the greatest benefit possible to children from every dollar we receive from our donors. We strive to keep our costs low so that we can help the largest number of individuals possible.

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Our sound fiscal management practices and commitment to accountability and transparency have earned a 4-star rating from Charity Navigator, America’s largest independent charity evaluator. Out of the thousands of nonprofits Charity Navigator evaluates, only one out of four earns 4 stars – its highest rating.